Our interview with Jan Verhoeff

This may be my favorite interview to date… It pops up occasionally when I google myself (that sounds weird, but I do it to stay on top of what people are saying about me) and I re-read it, to remember who I am inside.


Name – Jan Verhoeff

Age – 53 and loving every single minute of it!

Where are you from – Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I was born in eastern Colorado, and I’ve moved around a bit, but I always come home to the Mountains.

A little about yourself `ie your education Family life ect. –I’m a single mom – 4 amazing children, a son-in-law currently serving in the military and 3 incredible (soon to be 4) grandchildren that light up my life. I have an extensive educational background in business, marketing and law, and have spent a lifetime learning to apply those elements to living well. I use them all in writing. It comes in handy to have such a diverse background.

 Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

I most recently burst the glass ceiling of online marketing with my new Online with Jan (http://onlinewithjan.com/) program featuring Java with Jan…

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Hello! This is a great spot!

Thanks for the invite, Jan. I see we’re the only ones here so far… Isn’t that rather dangerous?

Perhaps we should invite a few new folks in for the fun of it, and allow them to stay for the drama? Aren’t all writers dramatic?

I’ve heard there may be a cyber-murder at the cyber-bar. Have you heard who the cyber-victim will be? This sounds rather interesting. Perhaps we could entice some non-writer cyber-victim into the bar with some cyber-pina coladas?

Cyber margaritas anyone?

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Writer Rants – From Musers Everywhere

Hi, I want to welcome you to the Cyber-Bar for Writers. If you’re a writer and you’d like to comment or post here, sign up, register, and leave us your comments. Writers everywhere have the same basic issues, and this is a great place to talk about them. We can share, ignore, rant, rave, and complain until our little hearts are content and the only ones who will see our rants are writers, readers and anyone else on the planet that happens by.


Writers can’t get away with anything.

Watch your grammar, pick up those prose, and use proper punctuation, you NEVER know who may be watching! But, hang out, have a little fun, and YELL now and then!

By-the-way, pass the chocolate and peanuts on your way into the room.

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